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We provide opportunities for spiritual growth and personal transformation by visiting some of the world's most important sacred sites. We are committed to small groups, carefully crafted itineraries, and passionate tour leaders ready to share their wisdom and help you deepen your spiritual life.

Now is the time to set forth on an adventure of self-discovery at one of the world's most powerful sacred sites. Where will your journey take you?

Sacred Earth Journeys is dedicated to providing a more meaningful and rewarding travel experience, specializing in sacred sites tours and spiritual travel. Our journeys combine respect and reverence for ancient wisdom traditions with the joy of exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes in all the world.

Since 2003 we have been offering spiritual journeys around the world, custom sacred tours, and retreats to countries as diverse as Peru, Mexico, India, Ireland, England, Bali, Greece, Turkey, Bhutan, and more. We work closely with our passionate tour leaders to create sacred travel programs that will further your own inner journey while guiding you through the mythic heart of each country we visit. Our itineraries are infused with personal contacts and resources that draw on our years of experience and local knowledge. On many of our journeys we have the honour of meeting local wisdom keepers, traditional healers, shamans, musicians, artists, authors, or other local experts to learn from their immense wisdom and knowledge. Over the years our feedback from participants confirms that these are indeed life-changing spiritual adventures.

Join us on one of our spiritual journeys as we explore ancient civilizations and cultures; myths and legends; oral traditions and literature; vibrant folklore; sacred art, architecture, and music; and enjoy delicious authentic foods. Through guided energy work, wisdom teachings, healing practices, creative endeavours, and daily discussions you will learn as much about yourself as you do about the country and culture you visit.

Our blog post, Sacred Pilgrimage & The Essence of Spiritual Travel, explores the sacred travel experience, and includes excerpts from The Art of Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau, which beautifully capture the essence of a Sacred Journey.

With Sacred Earth Journeys you will:

  • Travel with like-minded people and forge lifelong friendships
  • Escape from daily stresses, restore balance, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit
  • Learn about ancient cultures and traditions and explore their beautiful temples and pyramids
  • Travel safely with the comfort of a small group and an experienced, passionate tour leader
  • Enjoy daily discussions, contemplations, and life-changing conversations
  • Develop more understanding and compassion for yourself and others
  • Enjoy an itinerary that is extensively researched and infused with personal contacts and resources
  • Connect with ancient spiritual energies and power places at carefully chosen sacred sites
  • Strengthen your connection to the rest of the world and deepen your knowledge of other traditions

As a licensed travel company (B.C. Reg. No 28465), Sacred Earth Journeys Ltd. is a government regulated company which subscribes to the highest possible ethical and professional standards as required by Consumer Protection BC. Unlike many other jurisdictions, our customers enjoy the security of a government administered travel assurance fund, which protects their money in the case of certain negative eventualities (i.e. insolvency or bankruptcy of suppliers). Our ability to operate is based on our ability to demonstrate both financial soundness and high professional standards.

Entrepreneur of the year | Winner of inspiration award 2005

Sacred Earth Journeys was the winner of the 2004 and 2005 Inspiration Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Tourism Category, presented by the BC Urban Entrepreneurial Development Association.

Teen Journey Society in India

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Phil Cousineau in Ireland
Tour Leaders

Meet our passionate Tour Leaders, all experts in their field waiting to share their wisdom with you.

Kathakali dance in India

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Helen Tomei


Helen Tomei transformed her passion for travel & spirituality into a successful tour business devoted to providing travellers more meaningful experiences at sacred sites around the globe. As a travel industry professional since 1987, she travelled extensively, learned all aspects of the craft, and honed her skills, before founding Sacred Earth Journeys in 2003. She now works with a small team of professionals in the areas of website development, writing, social media, marketing, and administration.

Helen Tomei founder and president of Sacred Earth Journeys in Orissa.

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